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FELASA, the Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations, represents common interests in the furtherance of all aspects of laboratory animal science (LAS) in Europe and beyond. FELASA puts the 3Rs of Laboratory Animal Science ‚Replacement, Reduction and Refinement‘ centre stage. FELASA advocates responsible scientific conduct with animals in the life sciences with particular emphasis on ensuring animal welfare.

Membership is open to LAS associations of nations of Europe. Membership fees annually: € 370 plus € 6,50 per member.

FELASA was established by these organisations in 1978.

FELASA publishes guidelines, recommendations and policy documents on topics relevant for laboratory animal science.

FELASA maintains relations with national, international and governmental bodies concerned with laboratory animal science in Europe, notably the Council of Europe, the European Commission and European Parliament and continuously seeks collaborations with laboratory animal science associations outside Europe.

FELASA organises triennial international congresses.


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Board of Management

The management of FELASA is carried out by the Board of Management (BoM) consisting of up to two representatives from and appointed by each FELASA member association. The Board of Management meets at least twice a year. Martin Kuneš and Jan Honetschläger are representatives of CLASA at BoM meetings.