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2000 EUROS ICLAS SPONSORSHIP for Laboratory Animal Education and Training in Europe  (Deadline for Application:  1 April 2019)



 FELASA Award 2016

Dr. Bryan Howard has been chosen by the Award Panel for the FELASA Award 2016.

The Award Panel recognises the outstanding achievements and extraordinary dedication of Bryan Howard within the field of Laboratory Animal Science and for the animals used in research.

The awardee will give a lecture at a platform session during the FELASA 2016 Congress in Brussels. His talk and the award presentation ceremony is schedueled for Wednesday 15th June 2016 from 11:30 – 12.30.

Swiss 3R Network

The website dedicated to 3R with the possibility to ask questions to all members, to share experience with other scientists

Directive 2010/63, EFPIA, FELASA and ESLAV

Implementation of the Directive in licensed establishments through development of guidance, in particular, on provisions which set new requirements, where experience is still limited, or in areas where the provisions can be interpreted in different manners (grey zones). Within the Task Force on Implementation of Directive 2010/63/EU, there is a subgroup appointed with discussing GA animals (creation, uses, and maintenance including breeding). This is a URL for a quick survey on how the directive is being implemented with respect to GA authorization